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By weaving the art and science of both pharmacy and natural medicine together, Dr. Goto has created something new and unique with the intention of going beyond a medical diagnosis and prescription and identifying root causes.


Dr. Katrin Goto ND, R.Ph.

Dr. Goto is a Naturopathic physician, a New England School of Homeopathy certified classical homeopath, active pharmacist in the state of Washington and has served as adjunct faculty at Bastyr university in Kenmore, Washington. Dr Goto is also bilingual (fluent in English & Persian languages).

Hobbies & interests:

  • Bike riding

  • Belly Dancing

  • Volunteer teaching 4–6-year-old children empowering core values (


Dr. Goto’s passion is to SEE you and HEAR your whole story in the safety of New Creation Naturopathic Center.


She recognizes and understands that each individual is unique and special, and she practices medicine with sincere interest, abundant curiosity and great reverence.


This philosophy allows her to remain present while connecting with her patients at a deep level. A heartfelt bond created at this early stage fosters the initiation of the healing process and serves as a strong foundation.

for a lasting therapeutic relationship.

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