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In the quest to achieve balance
and peace of mind,
you are a key component in your own
healthcare and wellbeing.


Dr. Katrin Goto ND, RPh


Dr. Goto is double board certified as a Naturopathic Physician and Pharmacist practicing in the state of Washington. Dr. Goto's passion is to see you & hear your whole story in the safety of New Creation

Naturopathic Center.


She recognizes and understands that each individual is unique and special while practicing medicine with sincere interest, abundant curiosity and great reverence. This philosophy allows her to truly connect with her patients and create a therapeutic relationship.

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How Dr. Goto helps you live a healthier, more vibrant life

Bellevue naturopathic physician Dr. Katrin Goto is changing the way healthcare looks and feels.

"I am so grateful to Dr. Goto! She has been partnering with me to take care of my health holistically. Thanks to Dr. Goto, I've learned and witnessed how my emotional and physical well being are so interconnected, and with her encouragement I've started a self care practice that's made a huge difference in my overall well being.

Thanks to her regular care and support, my Cholesterol and Blood pressure are under control without any medications. My migraine headaches are gone, and other aches and pains are under control with no pain medications.  I feel healthy and in control of my physical and emotional wellbeing. I've been seeing Dr. Goto for many years and choosing her as my physician and healer was the best decision I made for my physical and emotional health! Thank you Dr. Goto!"

V.V, Bellevue, WA



No CBD, No Narcotics (no dispensing of or prescribing of either)

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